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Health Savings Account Insurance Calculators

The following HSA insurance calculators are available to assist you in analyzing some of the financial benefits of switching from a traditional health insurance plan to an HSA-qualified plan. Among the advantages of the HSA approach to health insurance is the lower cost on the monthly premium and the tax advantages realized with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Use these calculators to estimate your potential savings.

Annual Savings HSA Calculator

The annual savings calculator shows the money you can save on your health insurance premiums by switching from a traditional health insurance plan to an HSA-qualified plan. In order to use this calculator you simply need to know the monthly premium on your current health insurance plan and the monthly premium on the health savings account-qualified plan that you are considering. If you have not yet chosen a plan, then view your personal HSA insurance quotes first to see the options available to you.

The annual savings calculator will also calculate how much of the HSA health insurance plan's deductible can be offset with the amount of money you save by switching plans.

Tax Savings HSA Calculator

The tax savings calculator estimates the savings potential on your federal income taxes based upon the level of contribution you make to your medical savings account. When using the calculator, keep in mind the HSA contribution limits for the tax year you are considering.

The HSA tax treatment of a Health Savings Account is an important factor when considering this approach to health insurance.

"By switching from my traditional insurance plan to an HSA-compatible plan I save enough money to fund my Health Savings Account. It just makes sense."

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