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Aetna Texas HSA High Deductible Health Plans

Texas residents can choose from the following Aetna HSA Compatible, High Deductible Health Plans offered by Aetna Texas:

High Deductible PPO 3000

High Deductible PPO 3000 with dental

High Deductible PPO 5000

High Deductible PPO 5000 with dental

Preventative and Hospital Care 3000

Preventative and Hospital Care 3000 with dental

Aetna provides health care in 50 states with a membership of nearly 17 million. First founded in 1850 Aetna now employs almost 35 thousand people. Aetna’s vast network is comprised of nearly five thousand hospitals and over 400,000 physicians and specialists.

In Fortune Magazine’s 2007 & 2006 Most Admired Companies, Aetna ranked second in the category of health care.

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