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HSA Qualified Medical and Health Expenses

The funds within your HSA can be used for the payment of qualified medical expenses without incurring any taxes. Below is a partial list of HSA qualified medical expenses. For a comprehensive list view the Internal Revenue Service's Publication 502.

Examples of Qualified Medical Expenses:

• Prescription drugs
• Doctor visits, lab, X-ray and other diagnostic and treatment services
• Car controls for the physically challenged
• Christian Science practitioner services
• Cosmetic surgery when medically necessary
• Coinsurance costs for health care, prescription drug and dental plans
• Dental X-ray, fillings, extraction and dentures
• Orthodontia (such as braces)
• Specially installed equipment if primary purpose is health care
• Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and solution
• Guide dog or other animal, including its maintenance
• Hearing aids and batteries
• In-vitro fertilization
• Laser eye surgery
• Remedial reading lessons for a child with a severe learning disability
• Routine physical exams
• Stop-smoking programs
• Special school costs, including tutoring fees and tuition, for the physically challenged or mentally impaired
• Transportation to and from health care providers
• Vitamin and mineral supplements that can be obtained only by prescription
• Qualified long-term care services and long-term care insurance
• Medicare Part A and B premiums, Medicare HMO or Medicare Advantage premiums
• Retiree health expenses for those 65 and older
• COBRA premiums and health insurance for those on unemployment compensation

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